Ceci Drone || Fly Yourself

A single-page web app where users can choose and buy the product.

    • https://ceci-drone.web.app/
    • Mern Stack
    • React.js,React Router,React Hook Form,Fontawesome,React Bootstrap,material Ui, Firebase authentication,Firebase ,Node.js,Heroku,MongoDB
    • Firebase, Firebase authentication, Fontawesome, Heroku, material Ui, MongoDB, Node.js, React Bootstrap, React Hook Form, React Router, React.js

Features :

  • A single-page web app where user can choose and buy the product 
  • It is basically an online shop with an admin panel. 
  • Have an admin panel where an admin can add service , delete service,add a review,see all users and admin panel delete user,Also admin can update the delivery process. 
  • One Admin can make Another admin.( Default Admin Username is: [email protected] Password is: 123456 )
  • And Many More Features.

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